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Running a music program for the Wounded Warrior Battalion West Camp Pendleton, CA


 My original song,“Why Did Ya”, was placed on the FX Series, “Justified”. Episode: “Hatless”

My original song, “Albert ‘s Shuffle", was placed on NBC’s “My Name is Earl”. Episode: “Frank Factor”

 I would like everyone to keep in their hearts and memories my musical friends, Norton Buffalo and Michael “Fly” Brooke’s

Inauguration Ball, Elvin Bishop Grammy Nomination “Albert Shuffle “ placed on NBC’s My Name is Earl

Elvin Bishop’s “The Blues Rolls On “ nominated in four categories at The Blues Music Awards in Memphis, TN. May 7th ‘09

Thanks to a grant from The Kenneth A. Picerne Foundation I am proud to be teaching guitar at Camp Pendleton. My thanks to all the brave men, woman and their families that sacrifice so much to serve our country. To the Single Marine Project, Wounded Warriors and all my students Semper Fidelis.

I’m pleased to announce that my old band Fox has released a long awaited, forty years to be exact, LP. A CD with bonus tracks will soon follow the vinyl. As I played bass in the band the guitarist was none other than Gary Pihl of Sammy Hagar, Boston fame. It will be available on line on the German label RD-Records

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